Educational practice

Educational practice on pharmacognosy is an important part of the educational process for the training of pharmacist.
During the study of many other specialized disciplines almost all practical skills can be simulated in the laboratory, but it is impossible to reproduce any phytocenosis or to show medicinal plants brushwood within the practical classes on Pharmacognosy.
The aim of the educational practice on Pharmacognosy is consolidation of theoretical knowledge and practical training in the field of pharmacognostic, phytochemical and commodity-research analysis used for determination of the authenticity and purity of herbal drugs in accordance with the requirements of regulatory documents.
Educational practice on Pharmacognosy takes place in accordance with the curriculum and the orders of the National University of Pharmacy, with indication of the duration of practice, executive teachers and bases of practice.
This type of practice pass all Ukrainian and foreign students of 3rd year of full-time education of specialty “Pharmacy”, as well as Ukrainian and foreign students of 4th year of extramural studies.
Bases of the practice:
•Botanical Garden of NUPh;
•Botanical Gardens of KhNU n. a. V. N. Karazin;
•The base of Ivano-Frankivsk State Medical University;
•The base of Ternopil State Medical University;
•Varna (Bulgaria).
•Forestries, agricultural enterprises and botanical gardens of Ukraine and CIS countries.
Terms of the practice:
2 weeks – 3rd year Ukrainian students of full-time education, 4th year Ukrainian and foreign students of extramural studies;
3 weeks – 3rd year foreign students of full-time education.
Practice takes place in June after the summer session taking into account the schedule of the test license exam “KROK 1. Pharmacy”.

During the educational practice students work out 10-15 days at specific bases (according to the plan of educational process), where they get the practical skills on the harvesting, drying and primary processing of herbal drugs, making the herbarium specimens of medicinal plants and their impurities, keep the diary and the journal of educational practice, and then, at the end of the practice, pass practical and theoretical tests.
Field-vocational practice
On the base of Ivano-Frankivsk State Medical University n. a. I. Ya. Gorbachevsky (Yaremche)
• Accommodation in a comfortable hotel “Arnica”
• Excursions: mountains Goverla, Makovytsya and Javornik, waterfalls Guk and Trufanets, Manyavsky skit (Ukrainian Athos), Yablonitsky Passage, Dovbush Rocks, salt lakes of Solotvino, the Geographical center of Europe, Bukovel ski resort, Vygorsky state forestry, the zoo of the Carpathian National Nature Park, deer farm, ostrich farm, cheese factory of Lower Selishche, Pysanka Museum (Kolomiya), museum of architecture and life of Carpathian, house-museum of Ivan Franko, house-museum of the film “Shadows of forgotten ancestors”, Khust castle.
On the base of Ternopil State Medical University:
• Accommodation in the sanatorium “Chervona Kalyna”
• Excursions: Pochayiv Lavra, St. Dukhovskoy skit, Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary, anatomical museum, a trip to the mountains.
Varna (Bulgaria)
• Accommodation in a comfortable hotel “Rusalka”
• Excursions: Faculty of Pharmacy, Medical University n. a. prof. Dr. P. Stoyanov, Ecopark, Orthodox Cathedral, Varna Seaside Park, the Botanical Gardens of Balchik, Cape Kaliakra, Kamchia river mouth, pharmaceutical companies «Elder-Bulgaria» and «Biomeda» (Plovdiv), the old part of Plovdiv, Aladzha Monastery, St. Constantine and Helen Monastery.
Supervisor of the educational practice on Pharmacognosy – Associate Professor Natalia Sydora.

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