Student Scientific Society (SSS)

Science – it’s a part of culture and its achievements constitute the main treasures of humanity. Undoubtedly, that the intellect and qualification of young professionals are guarantee of highest social rating and material status.
If you are thinking about their future and want to try his hand at science, but are not sure how to do it, we are ready to help you in your endeavors! Your achievements and scientific expertise will be a milestone in your professional career.
The purpose of creation and work directions of Student Scientific Society (SSS) of the Department of Pharmacognosy NUPh are:
– organizing and conducting activities, that promote the exchange of experience, knowledges, establish contacts and further cooperation on topics of scientific works of students;
– organizing of events, that promote and encourage the interest to scientific activities, expand professional horizons of the future scientist;
– informing the members of a society on holding event according to their special thematics, that would allow to develop the personality of a young scientist, to improve understanding of the general picture of research and its contribution to the research.

Thematics SSS of the Department of Pharmacognosy:

– research the BAS of medicinal plants, agricultural crops and wastes of their production, creation on their basis of medicinal products and standardization of herbal drug and of herbal remedies;
– chemotaxonomic and chemoresource study of plants from Ukrainian flora and CIS countries in order to identify prospective sources of biologically active substances (BAS) to expanding the range of medicinal plants;
– research of BAS of natural origin;
– search of plants BAS with antienzyme activity, activating and inhibitory action on enzymes.

SSS – is a natural, amateur organization of students, giving them the opportunity to realize themselves as young specialists are not by formal means, but beyond the usual training classes. Where else, if not in the company of their peers, the student can give its views on a particular scientific issue, to try their hand and test abilities in presentation of the material, develop the skills of speaker and the critic? To this we should add the various other ways and forms of creative realization.
So, opportunities are abound – it would wish!
If you are young, talented, energetic, inspired by creative ideas – we are pleased to work together!
If you want to become a member of the Student Scientific Society (SSS) of the Department of Pharmacognosy of NUPh, you just need to write an application form and come to us.
We guarantee you the creative development and support of your research activities. We will help you to express and realize your scientific ambitions!
Students of the SSS perform both theoretical and practical research work under the guidance of teachers of the department.
Every year students of the SSS of the Department of Pharmacognosy prepare more than 50 scientific publications.
Supervisor of the SSS – Associate Professor Alexander Stremoukhov.

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